Become profitable in 30 days.

The Budgeting System is an all-in-one solution for running an extremely profitable data business.

Imagine, if you could take the guesswork out of...

  • Tracking your deals

  • Knowing exactly how much you’re making

  • Knowing exactly how much to pay yourself

  • How to set aside money for taxes

  • What amount to save each month

And, as a result...

  • You have paid off all of your personal debts and now go to sleep each night with peace of mind.

  • You have new high-paying clients because you weren't busy wondering how to make the next dollar. 

  • You can use your extra business funds to improve your health by investing in a gym membership and ergonomic office equipment.

  • You are able to take a massive monthly dividend from your company to fund a vacation you've always wanted to go on.  

In fact, these were MY results. And they could be yours too. 

How do I know if it's right for me?

  • This system is for those who sell (or want to sell) data training, consulting and products.

  • You operate in finance, analytics or data science delivering solutions in products like Excel, Power BI, Python, and Tableau.

  • You know your way around a spreadsheet.

  • This system is not for creators or artists.

  • This system is not for businesses making over $250k/year

What's inside The Budgeting System?

  • 1. Introduction

    Get set up for success so that you can start tracking your finances right away.

  • 2. Deal Management

    I will show you the super simple system I use to know exactly how much money I'll make this year.

  • 3. Categorize

    Categorize transactions easily so that you know exactly where your money went.

  • 4. Capture

    Capture deals as soon as they come in. Figure out which customers and service lines are your biggest revenues.

  • 5. Pay Yourself

    The Budgeting System automatically tells you how much to pay yourself, how much to pay in taxes, and how much to set aside for the future.

  • 6. Customize

    How to customize The Budgeting System accounts for your business.

See how I uses this system to track my deals

Create a Profitable Business in 30 days

Leverage the "Profit First" model to pay yourself immediately. Every quarter take an extra dividend just for being the boss.

See exactly how much you make & spend

Know where your money goes. Invest in better technology. Even go on vacation.

Keep track of deals and payments

Keep track of your deals. Know which clients pay you the quickest. Keep a list of clients who are "banned from business" with you.

Free Upgrades

Each calendar year, receive a new version of The Budgeting System with the latest updates and community-requested upgrades.

Don't forget these bonuses specifically for data solopreneurs

  • Bonus 1: Resource Guide

    I pull back the curtain on my business and provide you with a complete rundown of the technologies, people, and services I use to be successful.

  • Bonus 2: Selling During a Recession Guide

    I explain step-by-step how to reposition your products and offers during a recession. (Coming soon!)

  • Bonus 3: Free Upgrades

    Every new calendar year, you'll receive the latest and greatest version.

The Budgeting System is Guaranteed

If you are not completely, 100-percent satisfied with your purchase simply request a refund within 30 days of purchase. 

Bottom line

here's what you get...

  • The Budgeting System Excel sheet - good for the entire year

  • 6 step-by-step video lessons showing you exactly how to use it

  • Bonus: Free upgrades  - receive a clean version of the most up-to-date spreadsheet for the coming year

  • Bonus: Resource Guide - Everything I use in my business

  • Bonus: How to sell during a recession - exactly how I am pivoting my business (coming soon!)

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Why did you create The Budgeting System?

2020 was supposed to be my year 

I had multiple speaking engagements and conference talks lined up. 

I was planning to travel to England, Amsterdam, Kansas City, and more. 

But as the Pandemic began I got call after call, email after email. My paid talks weren’t going to happen. They'd been canceled. 

I remember looking at my bank account and wondering… 

what am I going to do now? 

I looked at my credit card statements and thought…

I’m boned. 

I went into the bathroom of the 4-person apartment I was sharing in NYC, locked the door, and cried. 

In my despair, I honestly reflected on what had gone wrong for me. 

How much did I owe? 

How much money would I make this year? 

Why did it seem like I was making money but never had any to spend? 

I didn’t know my numbers

I didn’t know much business I had lost. 

I didn’t know how much I would need to make up. I didn’t even know how much to pay myself. 

Then and there I made a commitment to myself. Enough was enough. 

I was going to master my numbers. 

So I poured over the best knowledge on managing finances. I read the latest books and tested different systems. 

By the end of 2020, I was managing my money simply and easily. I was on a path to pay off debt. 

And for the first time, my business was paying me! Just for running it.

Fast forward to 2022... 

I’ve been able to:

  • Pay off my students loans ($6000)

  • Pay off my credit cards ($25000)

  • Get a new apartment in NYC with an office ($1800/m = $21600)

  • Move to Lisbon, Portugal to become a digital nomad ($8000)

  • Save money for the future ($10000)

Over the last two years, the value of this system for me has been $70,600+! 

Keep in mind, that number doesn’t even include: 

  • Additional high-ticket contracts I landed because everything was running so smoothly

  • Peace of mind knowing my rent is paid each month 

  • Tax credits and write-offs I now know I qualify for

I’ve been perfecting The Budgeting System for the last 2 years. 

In fact, I still use it to run my business. 

And here’s the truth.

Back in 2020, I was just like every other so-called entrepreneur in New York City. 

I was always scraping by, worrying about how I was going to afford to live. 

The Budgeting System changed that entirely. 

My peers asked what had changed. How could I suddenly afford NYC? 

Since then... I decided that there are just too many struggling entrepreneurs. 

I should know–I was one of them!

That’s why I decided to release The Budgeting System at a very low price. 

So that everyone in my network can get access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

The Budgeting System is for anyone who is currently running a business or planning to start one soon. For the former, The Budgeting System will help you track and manage your funds while also becoming instantly profitable. If you're just starting your business, this is a great time to get it right from the beginning. This system will help you plan for and avoid the mistakes many entrepreneurs already make currently selling products but not managing their cash.

I'm too small to worry about this - shouldn't I wait until I make more money?

This type of thinking is a trap. If you don't have clear insight into your finances,  it will be hard to make and save enough money to even become big. In truth, this system creates a path for your to make money right away! Compare this to looking at your bank account each month and hoping it's enough to get you by. 

Did you invent this system?

This system was inspired by several others. I synthesized the best ideas into one system for my business. However, an important book along this journey was Profit First. Profit First creates clear guidelines for how much to allocate across your business using research. You do not need to read this book to understand The Budgeting System. 

But who actually tracks their finances like this?

Many successful entrepreneurs. In fact, a version of this system is used by both trainers I've worked with, my accountant, my assistant, and several other eCommerce business owners in my network.  I've made this system specifically for data people. Because I know how we think. 

How hard is this to implement? 

It's not hard at all. The main part of it is an Excel spreadsheet that can be used on your Desktop, on the Web, or in Google Sheets.  I would plan to spend up to two hours a month updating the spreadsheet.  In fact, you really only need to update the spreadsheet twice a month. You will spend at most an hour at a time, but likely less as you get into a rhythm. 

I already have QuickBooks or Xero - why do I need this?

Does it ever feel like these products are just too much for what you're doing? Leave these tools for your accountant.  

As a business owner, you must know exactly where your money goes which means going through your transactions each month. Use this sheet to direct your accountant to how you plan to run your business in the future. And leave it to them to make sure you have filings and such in place.

Can I give this to my accountant or assistant to complete? 

Eventually, you can. But starting out, you must first master it yourself for a few months. Once you get the hang of it, you can automate the entire process by handing it off. 

My business is complicated - can you add additional features? 

If you're reading this, it means you need help. Your business operations may be complicated, but not so complicated that you need to start adding fancy stuff right away. Each year, I plan to make incremental improvements. You're welcome to provide me with direct feedback about what you'd like. But before hiring a developer to create additional doodads, I would advise that you use the system for a year first. 


Jordan Goldmeier

Jordan Goldmeier is on a mission to create 100 data solopreneurs. He is the author of Dashboards for Excel, Advanced Excel Essentials, Becoming a Data Head, and Data Smart (2nd Ed). He has received the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the 9th year. Jordan has served as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and is an adjunct analytics instructor at Wake Forest University